Group members portray the following historical periods
  • Captain Roeder's Jäger Company / Second Ansbach Jäger Company (1779-1783)  
  • Dutch Colonial Militia (New Amstel Militia 1655-1664) 
  • British Forces /F&I (1755-1764)

The Group’s primary impression is that of the 114 man combined Ansbach and Hessian Jäger detachment under the command of Ansbach Captain von Roeder. The combined Jäger unit was a subordinate command of General Leslie's Army, and participated in the Southern Campaign in late 1780 conducting forays in the vicinity of Norfolk/Suffolk, Virginia area before joining Lord Cornwallis Army in South Carolina, January 1781.  

Members of the group participate in Battle Reenactments, Living History Events, Period Tactical and Educational Presentations to schools and universities. Each member possesses unique skills and talents and share in the working of the group. Members research and discuss various historical subjects areas, which include... 

17th and 18th Century life
Development of Liner and Non-Liner tactics
Development of Weapons from 1607-1783 
Colonial settlement and interrelations with Indian nations 
History/Development of Jäger Units / Jäger Rifles
Historical connection between Great Britain and Germanic States 
Relationship of Seven Years War (French & Indian War) to the American 
Revolutionary War


If interested in joining and becoming a member or for additional information contact -

Terry Ashbaugh -  
Daniel Boonie -

   A living history group formed from a collection of individuals who share a common historical interest and an appreciation for colonial life in the 17th and 18th Century along with the military tactics, weapons and equipment of the period. The group is bound by mutual camaraderie and the personal enjoyment of period encampments, weaponry and historical research.

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